3D Body Paint Illusions vol.1


I Sea-Horse What You Did

These models deserve a lot more credit than you give them. I mean, the artist did an excellent job turning her body into a seahorse, but can you see just how far she has to bend her back to make the seahorse’s belly that shape? Astounding.


Of course, she’s obviously a yoga fanatic. How else could she achieve such a figure without snapping her body in half? On a completely unrelated note, did you know that male seahorses give birth to their babies? When the female is pregnant, she injects the eggs into her hubby’s stomach, and he carries them to term.


Under the Sea

The thing about body paint is that your imagination is your only ceiling. You can be as creative as you want to produce something as freaky as a mermaid-like creature that consists of several sea creatures. That’s what this woman did, and you have to admit, it’s one of the most unnerving things I’ve seen yet.

It’s clear that the artist drew inspiration from under the sea, but did the artist have to create an amalgamation of different deep-sea creatures? There’s nothing freakier than sea animals. Well, except for spiders. I’m just thankful that the artist didn’t decide to add a shark somewhere on the model’s body.

Slap What You Can See

This optical illusion involves someone with a highly creative mind and perhaps a bit too much whacky tobaccy. The eye on this woman’s eye is as realistic as they come, but what’s it doing on her wrist in the first place? Usually, our third eyes are somewhere near our forehead, but not this person’s!


The good news is that she will have really good aim if she wants to backhand slap someone, though I imagine it wouldn’t be all that comfortable for her third eyeball. Also, what’s with her fingers? There’s far too much space between her ring and middle fingers.

Ready? Set? Go!

Here’s an optical illusion that doesn’t take much thinking to understand. See how this person’s hands are lined up like they’re getting ready for a race? It’s because they are. This person merely drew simplistic faces on their knuckles before setting them up for a relay race like at the Olympics.


The tiny lines on the fingernails are what make this an excellent design in my humble opinion. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see that their outfits are painted on and not the actual cloth that the artist put on their hands. What’s really amazing is that the hand model’s forearms aren’t visible in this photograph.

Someone, Rearrange the Blocks!

This Jenga lady doesn’t compare to anything I’ve seen. It’s like someone rearranged the blocks of her face into a completely random design, leaving her nose where her chest is and her ear where her cheek is supposed to be. Sure, the black outline is visible against the city backdrop, but that’s just a minor detail.


Do you know what’s not a minor, but an easily missed detail? The fact that the woman’s original eye’s eyebrow is on another part of a block. Someone really should help put her blocked-up face in order, otherwise, she’s going to have difficulty eating, breathing, and seeing. Just saying.

Lace Up!

Here’s another discomforting image of a person who painted laces on their body. This time, it’s their foot, and the laces are shoelaces. The tiny rivets look incredibly realistic, though the denim laces could use some more work, that’s coming from a non-artist’s perspective.


I wonder why this person only had their laces drawn on one foot. The other blank canvas is right there! Also, is this a tattoo, or is this simple paint? Either way, it looks incredible. However, it does look like it would hurt if the laces ever became undone. Let’s just hope that it never happens to this person!

Large Fist, Tiny Face

Whoa. Sorry, I had to take a step back to fully understand what I was looking at. It appears as if this woman painted a tiny version of her face on her wrist and is holding it up to cover her actual face. It’s a pretty trippy work of art, especially since the face was painted pretty hyper-realistically.


Like the person who drew an eyeball on their wrist, I don’t think backhand slapping someone with this painting is going to do you or them any favors. First of all, the woman might accidentally smudge the painting, which she worked so hard on.

That’s A-Pealing

LOL. Alright I can’t tell what’s funnier—the fact that this person drew a banana on their hands or that the banana looks pretty realistic. However, it’s just the peel. Where’s the actual fruit?


What happens when you step on this optical illusion? Nothing, except the hand model will probably scream out in pain as they tug your foot and cause you to fall over. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that this isn’t actually a typical banana that you can get at a supermarket. It’s a plantain, which is a lot starchier.

An Inextinguishable Flame

Do you know how to cover up a pretty bad flesh wound? You can do what most people do and get a skin graft, or you can cover up the spot with clothing. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can do what this woman did and paint the very thing that wounded her in the first place.


Legend has it that this woman burned her chest. How she managed to do it, I’ll never know. However, it’s nice to see that she actually steered into the curve rather than avoided it altogether. Those flames are looking mighty hot, if I do say so myself.

Excuse Me

Hello, there. Excuse me, but could I ask you a question? Which way do I need to go if I want to head to the beach? Sorry, that’s just an inside joke that I came up with a few months back. Anyway, do you know what’s not an inside joke? This guy, because his head is popping out of the woman’s torso.


Did she get an actual kangaroo pocket sewed onto her belly, or what’s going on? Also, why’d she even paint a guy popping out of her tummy in the first place? I don’t know about you guys, but he’s making me kind of nervous.

Getting the 3D Effect

Do you remember those red and blue 3D glasses that you got from cereal boxes? Well, you’d probably need a pair of those to see the optical illusion that this woman came up with. The red and blue lines would indicate that her face is popping out in three dimensions, though I’m pretty certain her features would be doing so even with the lines.

Either she’s ultra-patriotic or I’ll never truly understand what’s going on without those cheap 3D glasses. What’s pretty amazing is how the different colored lines on her lips are offset ever-so-slightly. That’s going to be a bravo to the artist.

What Happens After a Rave

Remember what going to raves was like? Back in the day, nobody had smartphones, so you could do anything without thinking about the consequences. Nowadays, when you go to raves, people take pictures and have photographic evidence of what goes on at raves, which totally defeats the purpose.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been to one, but the last time I did, I remember seeing someone who looked exactly like this. The different colors shined brightest in a black light, such as what’s happening to this woman. However, on the model’s skin, the colors are a lot more even, unlike the random splotches and lines you would typically find on a rave-goer.

You Need More Lotion, Sir

Here’s a pretty neat picture that’s actually making me feel a bit uncomfortable. The hexagonal pattern on his back would indicate that you are looking at something futuristic, though if you look carefully at the picture, you’ll see it’s a man rowing a canoe on a lake with a mountain backdrop.


This tattoo has to be one of the more creative ones I’ve seen. That said, I can’t imagine how good it would look when this guy loses his muscle tone in the future. For some reason, I can’t help but think that this guy should use more lotion to get rid of the jagged edges all over his back.

A Starry Woman

It was only a matter of time before I found an image of a person cosplaying as Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The Starry Night painting has to be one of the most popular paintings in all of existence, so it makes sense that at least one person would use it as inspiration for their body paint design.


The artist admitted that it didn’t take them that long to get the painting done, though “that long” is relative if you’re an expert at your craft. What was probably the most time-consuming was the fact that the “blank canvas” wasn’t smooth like an actual canvas. They had to work around the woman’s curves to get the perfect starry effect.


Alright, this is pretty awesome. See her face? The artist was definitely inspired by the circus, and as we all know, clowns can be funny and horrifying at the same time. The funny part of this image is on her left (your right), which looks like any clown, albeit a cute one, you can find.

But if you look at the blue-themed icicles on her right (your left), you’ll notice that she has some pretty hard teeth, which would indicate that one part of her skull is all about business. And did someone use gold flakes for her fingers and the outline of the heart on her face? That’s dedication.

Celebrating the Human Body

I don’t know where this statue is, but I imagine that it has hundreds of people posing in front of it every year. This guy put on a painted suit that shows what the human body would look like if it were colorful and not at all anatomically correct.

This is probably the wrong thing to mention since I had to sensor the image and all, but this guy really went all-out in his portrayal of this statue. The only thing I regret is that he didn’t have a giant bird to pose with. If anyone could tell me where this statue is located, that would be great.

Still Don’t Like Broccoli?

You probably remember broccoli tasting horrible. Well, I hate to break it to you, but broccoli was never horrible. It always tasted good, even if it was boiled half to death. All you need to do to make broccoli taste good is smother it in cheese sauce, and you’ve got a meal fit for a king.

As adults, we find broccoli to be a lot more appetizing, and we’re not just saying this to get your kids to eat your vegetables. Perhaps looking at these four people cosplaying as broccoli will make you change your mind about how you feel about the flowery vegetable.

Quite a Puzzle

Okay, so there’s one huge difference when it comes to this image and the other maze body paintings from earlier. This one actually lets us know where to start. However, I’m not sure where you’re supposed to end up. Unless your goal is to reach the top of her noggin, I’m still thoroughly confused.

Now that I got that out of the way, I would like to talk about just how amazing this paint job actually is. The maze itself is alright, but the yellow eyes and tones on her lips are truly out of this world. And the triangle that exposes her insides? Magical.

Unleashing the Beast

Ah, a tiger! Oh, wait a minute, this is just a guy who’s painted to look like a tiger. To be frank, the tiger’s face looks a little off, but I couldn’t draw it any better, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all. I will, however, compliment this man for going all out in his depiction of a tiger.

They say that every person has a beast inside of them. Well, I know what this man’s beast is, and it’s one that’s pretty motivational. As you can see, this tiger only has one eye, as the other is concealed in shadows. So, I guess the “Eye of the Tiger” is real with this painting.

Not What You Want to See at Nighttime

This looks sort of like a mix between the Starry Night painting and someone who spilled paint all over themselves before going to a rave. If you ask me, this looks more like someone shining a starry background on her body with a projector than actual paint, but I could be wrong. See the unevenness of the splotches all over her body?

This optical illusion is pretty freaky, and she’s not even trying! If I saw her at a rave or a Halloween party, you can bet that I”m going to turn around and run. For some reason, this woman reminds me of Doctor Manhattan.

A Droopy Face

The most prominent feature of this picture is the model’s body parts falling off of their bodies in a pretty realistic way. This picture, however, doesn’t involve melting skin or extreme heat. It looks like someone accidentally plastered her eye too low on her face.

The faux eye doesn’t look that real, though I’m pretty sure that it would from a distance. She doesn’t have to conceal the cheek below her real eye unless there’s another fake eye she’s hiding. Whatever’s going on in this picture I’m glad that I don’t have to look at it ever again. This is freaking me out.