Fishing facts is just a list of many fishing websites that I find helpful about fishing and the information I use to gather about my fishing photos I post in WTF … women, titties and fish.

Fishing spots, fishing reports and regulations in Dania Beach Pier

Filefish, Scrawled Filefish Scrawled Filefish Filefish wikipedia

Tampa Bay Angler Catches a Filefish That He Thought Was a Trash Bag

Types of fish in Key West ...

Key West Fishing Link website … lots of good reading

Reef Fish in Key West website... look for the older/newer buttons near the bottom changes pages

Key West Fishing Reports website

Fort Lauderdale Edition- Coastal

Outdoor Life website …

OnTheWater website … website … try this to ID fishes

Mexican website this site has the best pictures of all the fish and birds around the world.

Fishing in OC website… fishing in Ocean City, Maryland

Mega Fishing Thailand website… ids of lots of fish website … The Fishes of North Carolina website… fishing around New Zealand my favorite can you eat that? …website

Coastal Angler Magazine website … magazine …

Western Native Native Trout Initiative website

Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine website … I really like this you can read back issues from your pc.

Siesta Key fishing website

North Carolina Game fish

Colorado Game fish

Saltwater Game fish

Darcizzle website website

Rudow’s Fish Talk magazine website website … hot fishing chicks

The blonde bombshell wants to encourage other women top take up fishing The Sun UK edition website

Cami Mantilla ‘World’s hottest angler’ … The Sun US edition website

Bahamas Fishing Regulations


BIG Bragger website

Fisheye Sport Fishing of Clearwater

Hogfish … google search many websites here website

COASTAL ANGLER MAGAZINE … website… Emagazine.Ft. Lauderdale