3D Body Paint Illusions vol.2

Melting Pot Lady 

I’m  not entirely sure why she went with a “melting” flower, though it does look unique and incredibly well-done. There doesn’t need to be a ton of detail in the artwork to pull off the melted look, though you can tell the artist went all-out with this piece.

3 Faces, 3 Eyes

Of the countless 3D optical body paint illusions out there, many of them have to do with altering the face in one or many ways. This artist created an optical illusion that consists of a silhouette of a woman’s face and a third eye. With expert precision, they got the third eye to look like a completely natural addition.

Artist Romanie-Jade Tulloch

Blending in with Nature

Many 3D body paint designs you will see involve blending the painted person in with their surroundings. In this image, you can see (or barely see) a woman who fades seamlessly into the tree trunk behind her. I imagine the artist must have spent countless hours getting the cracks in the body paint just right to make the woman practically impossible to spot.

Artist Vincent Abbey

A Splitting Headache

Have you ever experienced one of those days where it feels like your head is about to tear apart at the seams? Those headaches are the worst, but I can be thankful that nothing as terrible as literal splitting actually happens to your faces.

Artist Mimi Choi

An Aquari-Head

The aquarium built into her head is an amazing piece of work. The fish swimming effortlessly across her face is truly out of this world. Plus, you can hardly notice her nose, which blends seamlessly with the slight greenery. Not many of us would be brave enough to walk around with an aquarium in our heads.

Artist Mimi Choi

Need a Fork?

It’s amazing how the artist achieved this optical illusion. The blackest black on the woman’s face is needed to make her appear as if she’s nothing but a fork against a black backdrop. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel slightly uncomfortable staring at this woman without knowing where her eyes are.

Artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic

Balancing a Tower of Books

This man appears to have an itchy book, or maybe he’s trying to pull one out to read. Whatever the case, he’s going to have a difficult time pulling anything out without causing the stack of books to fall over. It’s nice that whenever he wants something to read, all he has to do is pick at one of the books on his back.

Artist Hikaru Cho

Wound Too Tightly

However, there’s something about her eyes that screams, “Get me out of here!” Whether that was intentional or not, it’s an excellent touch to an amazing piece of body illusion art. Someone, get a pair of scissors to free this young woman from her yarn trap.

Eye of the Tiger

To pull this optical illusion off, the artist employed three women—two to act as each eye and one to kneel over and create the nose. Sit in such a position for extended periods of time must be uncomfortable, but it’s definitely worth it if you can take home a trophy for a body paint competition.

Artist Craig Tracy

making of the tiger

Excuse Me, Lady, Where’s Your Face?

How did the artist pull off the optical illusion to make it appear as if someone punched a hole into the woman’s head? 
If it weren’t for the slight “wrinkles” on the red portions of her head, I wouldn’t know where the hole ended and where the woman’s face began. The fact that she’s so nonchalant about having a gaping hole in her head is making me wriggle.

Artist Mimi Choi

Reaching the Highest Leaves

It’s unfair how some artists are just good at everything. For instance, this woman painted herself to look like a giraffe, and she’s an Olympic-grade athlete? This is reaching new heights of multi-talents that I didn’t know existed! What’s amazing is how her single left foot looks like two feet in one!

Going for a Monstrous Look

If I saw this person at a Halloween party, I’d either stare at them for an hour straight or run in the opposite direction. There’s something freaky about humungous eyeballs just staring unblinkingly while your skin looks like Swiss cheese. And I can’t neglect to mention how this person’s neck is all bent at weird angles. *shudders*

Ctrl + V + Stretch

Here’s another 3D body paint illusion that involves multiple eyes. It looks like someone photoshopped additional eyes onto the side of her face while also using the stretch tool to extend her mouth to the very end of her cheek. I am pretty sure fans of horror would love a paint job like this, but not me.

Wanna Play Jenga?

Did you know that our DNA is the building block of every individual person? Well, that’s not entirely true. As you can see, this woman is made up of literal building blocks, sort of like a Jenga tower. And what’s freaking me out the most is how she’s just pulling one of the blocks out of her neck like it’s nothing.

A Real Mind Maze

Mazes are supposed to be fun and challenging, not freaky like this. I don’t know where this maze begins and where it ends. It’s obvious that if you tilt her head in one direction, the glowing ball will begin to move, but what’s the end goal? How do you win?

Artist Mimi Choi

Something’s a Little Fishy

Why did she get a ton of fish painted all over her face? Doesn’t she know that fish, when left out of the freezer, will begin to stink up the place? 

Or maybe she’s a fishmonger just trying to unload her fish on unsuspecting customers. Whatever the case, there’s something about the different kinds of fish on her face that’s weirding me out. Maybe you should be glad she chose a common sea creature and not, you know, a sea serpent or something.

Artist Mimi Choi

Polly Want a Cracker?

Here’s another image that requires expert-level painting and Olympic-grade athleticism. This person was painted to look exactly like a parrot while she poses atop a dead stump, giving off a full parrot vibe. You can hardly notice that her feet make up the parrot’s tail and hindquarters.

Twist and Pop

If you’ve never had a sour jawbreaker before, this is what it looks like when you pop one in your mouth. Your face and neck begin to twist so much that it feels like your head is about to pop off. It’s either the sour jawbreaker thing or this woman experienced something so cringey that she hopes she would just twist herself up like a pretzel and disappear until the end of time.

Confusing Shower Time

If you’ve ever used one of these handheld shower heads, then you probably know how difficult it can be to wash your entire body. It’s like you have to play Twister in the bathroom every time you want to clean yourself. You can’t just push the shower head through your body to get at the hard-to-reach spots, can you?

A Whole Universe

There’s one line in the first Men in Black movie that messed me up a bit. “The universe is in Orion’s belt.” The MIB crew took it to mean that they should look at the Orion constellation for the universe, when in fact, the universe was actually in a marble dangling around Orion the Cat’s neck.

Getting Pretty Dizzy

Here’s a picture that’ll surely leave you scratching your head. In general, I have a good idea of what people are supposed to look like, but when I see an image like this, it’s nearly impossible to wrap my head around what’s going on. It’s pretty clear that this woman has four additional eyes, but they’re only on one row.

A Tropical Paradise

Usually, you wouldn’t imagine what it would be like to crack someone’s back open. Nobody wants to see the guts and gore spilling out of a man-made crevice in someone’s body. However, as it turns out, there’s actually a lot more beauty in our bodies than basic biology suggests. 
All you have to do to gaze into the beautiful starry heavens of some beach paradise is remove her back panel, and voila !

Are They Rechargeable?

Well, if you need an extra boost of energy, all you need to do is remove the battery cover on your wrist and swap out your old AAs with a fresh pair ones. At least, that’s what this picture suggests. Do the smart thing and get rechargeable batteries that last a lifetime.

A Blocky Mess

Remember that Jenga woman from earlier up top? Well, this is sort of like that, except that there are entire portions of blocks missing from this woman’s face. It’s amazing how real the artist left her right eye while also masking the other in total and utter darkness. Also, the 3D effects of the blocks, what with the shading, are truly out of this world.

Multiple Layers to This Illusion

Do you remember in elementary art class when your teacher asked you to cut magazine pictures into strips then glue them onto a sheet of paper? No? Oh, then it must’ve been me, then. Anyway, my art teacher had me do this, and it turned out to look somewhat like this woman’s face.

Thinking Outside the Box

It looks exactly like this guy is holding onto the edge of a book when in reality it’s just a part of his face. The shadows really help pull this optical illusion off with a level of perfection that only the best artists could hope to recreate.

You Have 3 Wishes

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find an old lamp in the middle of a desert that released a genie? If you could, what would you wish for? I’d probably wish for a trillion dollars, though not sure what I’d do with all that money. The next two wishes would be spent on furthering my wealth.

Karma Kameleon

This woman was painted to look exactly like a chameleon and the log on which the chameleon is resting. She looks a bit too charred for her own good, and the chameleon is doing a poor job blending into its surroundings. It’s still a wonderful piece of body art, nonetheless. It takes a heck of a lot of talent to get the chameleon painted right and for the woman to bend her body at such an awkward angle.

Don’t Forget to Button Up

It’s amazing how the painter got the stitches just right. The buttons could do with a bit of touching up, but the shading underneath the man’s apparent fold is truly astounding. What’s awesome is that this guy doesn’t need to take a new shirt out of his dresser every day. Just pop a new chest on and you’re ready for the day!

And Zip Up, Too

Don’t you just hate it when a zipper becomes undone? It’s nearly impossible to fix, especially if the zipper is a part of your body! This woman has multiple layers to her back. If you open the first skin flap by tugging on the zipper, it’ll reveal a second layer of skin with a missing zipper thingy.