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Ilulissat Airport North

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Nuuk Airport webcam, Greenland

 Is an airport serving Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

Nuuk Airport …wikipedia…

Nuuk Airport South

This camera shows the apron, the runway, and the new terminal building (farthest from the camera to the left). You will probably notice that the airport is under construction. Nuuk is getting a new and bigger airport in 2024. The new runway will be 2200 m. The current one is 950 m.

hosted by Mittarfeqarfiit

Nuuk Airport North

This camera shows the north part of the runway which is currently not in use as they are building the new runway here. Until November 2022 the north part was being used while the south part was under construction.

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Kangerlussuaq Airport West

special note is the night sky showing the stars and northern lights …

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Uummannaq Heliport

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